2018 was an important year for Tianneng to reform, plan and grow under adverse circumstances. We were confident in concentrating on our major business, strengthening the social needs in the sustainable development of the eco-industrial chain,firmly capturing the general tone of “stable and progressive” in our work, steering the direction towards green wisdom (綠色智造) with the focus on quality and efficiency and upholding the main principle of creating diversified values. The Group’s sales andprofit tax have reached an unprecedented high, maintaining a rapid and steady growth momentum. Due to a lift in the Group’s overall rankings and more significant industrial integration advantages, the comprehensive strength has reached a new level, and the Group was marching towards the goal of becoming the world’s most respected world-class new energy company.

2019 is Tianneng’s year of advancement in its overall deepening reform. In a new era where opportunities meet challenges, we must keep our strategic stamina and move forward without fear.

While consolidating the foundation and stabilizing the major business, we will continue to boost the R&D of world-class sophisticated technology and the cultivation of global and senior professionals, making achievements in the process of optimizing the world energy pattern with high-end energy technologies. At the same time, the Group strives to enhance its economic and social benefits, building a bright and warm Tianneng which is with “great economic benefits, strong growth, plenty of happiness and a positive social image” and rising to rank top in the industry globally. In 2019, we will actively plan the diversified capital development, laying a solid foundation for the globalization, as well as creating a sustainable development industry with core competitiveness.

I am convinced that, driven by the mission of “New Energy New World”, the Group will remain true to our original aspiration, keep our mission firmly in mind and continue to bring better returns to its Shareholders.