Under the backdrop of global energy transition, facing an industry situation with both opportunities and challenges and the development task in the new stage, Tianneng adheres to its operating vision of “sustainable development in an ecological environment”, overcame difficulties and forged ahead, continued to promote its strategy of globalization, and formed the “Industry, Technology, Capital” threewheel-driven overall layout. The comprehensive strength of the Group has reached a new level, and its ability of scientific research and innovation have also been improved.

On top of enhancing its principle business of high-end eco-friendly battery, the Company will explores opportunities of developing products with resource recycling and high-energy cleaning energy, invests in the research and development of the new generation of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel industry clusters, thereby forming a strategic path of “Focus on Major Business, Moderate Diversification” and strive to achieve Tianneng’s globalization goal with high-quality and sustainable development of its business.

In 2022, the Group will continue to concentrate on making progress while maintaining stability as its general tone, adhence to its principle of market demand-oriented, and further optimizing its strategy of sustainable development.

Tianneng would take lead management as the backbone of the Company’s development, and it will focus on its principal business development, strive to establish new business in energy batteries, resources recycling and emerging industry, aiming to enhance its overall high-quality development.

Meanwhile, the Group will make full use of capital to empower the industry, leveraging our platform advantages and deepen industrial cooperation. Tianneng will carry out industry integration, optimize resource allocation and with its attention on the strategic goals to improve the industrial ecosystem of the Group while raising the technology content in our products so as to strengthen the Group’s core competitiveness.

In addition, the Group will accelerate the promotion of the “intelligentization, platform-building, globalization” strategy. Focusing on the three chain management systems of “industrial chain, supply chain, value chain” and accurately seize the opportunities of the national strategies of “Dual Circulation” and “Dual Carbon”. We strive to build the world’s leading ecological chain systems, namely smart energy, resources recycling and modern servicing industries, targeting to create a high-quality sustainable development blueprint for Tianneng.