In line with the improvement of battery technology and product competitiveness for batteries such as lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries, the Group will strive to research and develop new-generation batteries, stimulate the innovation of the R&D team, facilitate the output arising from the Group’s major R&D projects, and accelerate innovation-driven technologies. Recycling and new energy storage segment will be its focus while strengthening the fundamentals of lead-acid batteries.

Tianneng will strengthen the lead-acid battery recycling segment with its solid effort and continuously improve the operation management and equipment technology standards to accelerate the development plan of lithium-ion battery recycling. Building a strong recycling network and improving recycling technology are conducive to forming Tianneng’s core competitiveness. The new energy storage business will have an extensive breakthrough to the new market and enhance the edge of various market segments, further increasing the competitiveness of the industry.