• Longer Service Life:The self-developed formula of low calcium and high tin alloy increases the cycle life of the battery through efficient multi-frequency conversion process and continuous casting and rolling process.
  • High Energy Density:By developing anode additives and electrolyte additives, negative graphene technology is applied to improve the utilization rate of active materials, to reduce the amount of lead used in conductive parts. Therefore, the energy density of the battery is increased
  • Good Performance at Low Temperature:Through the comprehensive comparison and analysis of the new expander, the temperature control of adding acid to the battery and the battery design, the new negative electrode and reasonable quality control technology are developed, so that the battery can be charged and discharged efficiently in the low temperature environment.
  • Production line upgrade:Intelligent manufacturing efficiency significantly improved, with continuous casting & rolling and equipment upgrading achieved

Lead-acid motive battery
As the power source of vehicles, lead-acid motive batteries are mainly used in light electric vehicles, special electric vehicles and other vehicles. Light electric vehicles include two-wheeled electric vehicles, threewheeled electric vehicles, light motorcycles and scooters. As an important consumer product for Chinese people’s daily travel, logistics and express delivery, the light electric vehicle market is huge with rigid demand. Owing to their safety, stability and cost-effectiveness, lead-acid batteries are widely used in the power system of light electric vehicles as the main battery.

Start-stop battery
Start-stop batteries are designed for instant starting, ignition, and lighting power needs of vehicles, ships, diesel locomotives, etc., which are applicable to starting fuel vehicles, heavy trucks, agricultural vehicles and engine sets under harsh environment; starting outdoor motive equipment such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and snowmobiles; starting and deep cycle charging and discharging of vessels; and diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, railway passenger carrier lighting, emergency power supply and auxiliary electrical equipment, etc.

Lead-carbon energy storage system and backup battery
Energy storage batteries can provide effective power supply for global communications, data centres, emergency power supplies, railways, vessels, radio and television, UPS, digital and consumer products. Leadcarbon batteries are non-flammable with relatively low cost, being advantageous of high safety and high efficiency in the application of large-scale energy storage. Tianneng TNC lead-carbon energy storage products can be used in solar power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment and other power equipment.

Lead acid battery products

Automated production workshop

Lead carbon energy storage battery