Product features:
  • They adopt unique gel electrolyte and are in the form of gelation and free from stratified acid. They have low self-discharge rate and are good at resisting deep discharge and high-and-low temperature. The battery can operate in rather threatening environment.
  • They adopt reasonable grid structure and special rare earth alloy, have high utilization rate of active substance and good charge acceptance. Furthermore, their positive plate is of good anti-corrosion while the negative plate has high potential of hydrogen evolution. The unique diachylum formula guarantees strong recovery capability of batteries when they are charged after deep discharge. They boast good cycle endurance, high capacity and long service life.
  • The pole terminal adopts tin-coated copper core, advantageous to reliability of large current and lead connection.

Main fields of application:
  • Energy storage for wind power generating system
  • Energy storage for solar power generating system
  • Backup power source for communication system, signal system and emergency lighting